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Villa Sunset

The Catalina residential has been meticulously designed to capture the beauty of Sierra Cortina and the Mediterranean in every corner. The Sunset model is characterized by wide spaces that connect perfectly both inside and outside, creating a fluid and harmonious experience. Light plays a fundamental role in highlighting and transforming architectural perspectives, giving each space a unique and special essence.

Special attention has been paid to the selection of materials, textures and colours to achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout the complex. The careful combination of these elements creates a sense of visual harmony and a welcoming atmosphere.

Going up to the first floor, we find two suite-style rooms, which have access to a charming open terrace, perfect for enjoying the outdoors and relaxing. This house depending on the model also has a basement and an inside garden, providing additional spaces and various possibilities to customize the home according to your tastes and needs.

In addition, there are various options of extras, which are offered to adapt the house to your lifestyle.

The price of this villa starts from 515.000 € and depends if the model has availability of the basement.

FROM 555.000 €

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